Studio Flash Heads

FSS-300W 300W Compact Studio Flash Strobe Light
Product Description

This 300W flash is durable and cost effective dedicated to delivery high quality lighting solutions to photographers of different levels. It is best for all portrait, fashion, wedding and advertisement photography. 

★Short flash duration and fast recycle time
★Wireless power adjusting and flash triggering (optional)
★Compact & lightweight body with Bowens mount
★Adjusts from 5. to 8. in .1 increments (1/32-1/1). 
★Sleeplessly adjustable 15W modeling lamp.

300 Watt Studio Flash Strobe Light
Max Power (WS):
GN (m ISO100):
Power Output Control:
5.0-8.0 (1/32-1/1)
Modeling Lamp:
75W (adjustable)
Modeling Lamp Level:
9 Levels (L1 to L9)
Recycle Time:
0.4-2.5 sec
Color Temperature:
5600 ± 100K
Flash Duration:
Triggering Voltage:
Operating Voltage: 
AC 200-240V / 50Hz or AC 100-120V /60Hz
Triggering Method:
Sync Cord, Test button, Slave, Flash Trigger