Camera Viewfinder Eyepiece Rubber Eyecup Eye Cup
Product Description

★Perfect design for replacing the original one. 

★The viewfinder works as cushion around the camera's eyepiece, which is especially useful for glasses wearers.
★Soft and Dura
ble Rubber eyepiece, provides great comforts.
★Using an eyepiece may prevent you from opening and closing your LCD screen freely.
★Mounts easily and securely to the camera's viewfinder

Camera Viewfinder Eye Cup
Size available (Square):
for Canon 18mm
for Canon 22mm
for Nikon 22mm
for Leica 22mm
for Pentax 20.4mm
for Sony 20mm
Size available (Oval):
for Nikon 22mm
for Nikon 19mm
for Nikon D700.D3S