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TBGS-2.8*3A 3 in 1 Multi Backdrop Stand Triple Crossbar Backdrop Stand Photo Video Studio Heavy Duty
Product Description

This Multi Backdrop Frame Stand helps you get rid of the trouble of replacing backgrounds, three pieces of background can be hung at the same time, just need to turn the other ones to the back when you want to use one of them as a background to shoot instead of taking down the backdrop stand to replacing, like the general backdrop stand (only one long crossbar).

*3 in 1 Multi Backdrop Stand - Avoid the Hassle of Replacing the Backdrops
*Easy to set up and take down, no need any tool.
*The Support Stand built-in Dual Spring Cushion, made of high quality aluminum, stable, safe and no wobbly for holding three long crossbars and three pieces of backdrop at one time.
*The Crossbar is very easy to connect and break down, strong and no sag when holds heavy duty fabrics backdrop(seamless paper, canvas, muslin, curtain and more).
*The Triple Crossbar Mounting Bracket is perfect design for holding three crossbars at one time, ensure that very balanced even though in outdoor use.
*Additionally, this kit also used as a single backdrop stand, just take down the Triple Crossbar Mounting Bracket.

(2) x Spring Cushion Support Stand
100% Aluminum construction
Max Height: 8.5ft
Min Height: 3.2ft
Folded Height: 3.2ft
Double spring cushioned design for safety use – similar to Air Cushioned.

(12) x Crossbar
Aluminum alloy construction
Max length: 10ft (4 crossbars)
Min length: 5ft (2 crossbars)
Medium length: 7.5ft (3 crossbars)
Each crossbar extends to 37.4 inch
Interlock 2 crossbars into 1 long crossbar

(2) x Triple Crossbar Mounting Bracket
Metal construction
Holds three crossbars at one time.

(1) x Portable Heavy Duty Carry Bag
Premium quality nylon material with sturdy zipper

Triple Crossbar Backdrop Stand TBGS-2.8*3A
Max height:
Mini height:
Cross bar length
Tube Dia:
35-30-25 mm
Max load: