Metal Tripod Umbrella Holder Outdoor Camera Metal Clip Bracket Stand Double Clamp Photography
Product Description

This double clamp can mount virtually everywhere you need such as cameras, lights, photography reflectors, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, crossbars, even other super clamps. 【Multifunctional Use】Middle of this clip is designed to rotate and adjust the angle function.You can adjust the angle to the suitable position.The umbrella clip is composed of two parts, the top can be detached for use, and the standard 1/4 screw head of the at the top can be used as a base for digital cameras and GoPro.Umbrella clamp consists of two parts combination, removable, convenient to carry out.

【Strong and Durable】Umbrella clip for camera,Heavy duty to bear the weight of umbrella, can offer stable fixation of umbrella. one end to clamp tripod axis, the other end clamp umbrella handle, can be clamped on the center axis of tripod or tripod tripod.

【High Quality】The umbrella holder for chair body is made of metal, which is more durable and more load-bearing
【Easy to Use】Portable and lightweight to carry and store.Umbrella holder clamp Length 17.5cm, clip opening is up to 3.5cm, it can clamp umbrella's rod or bottom handle.There is rubber pad in the inner clip, it is non-slip and anti-scratch.

【Photography Lovers】Nice accessory for photography lovers. Solve the need to shoot in the rain, insert an umbrella to protect your camera from damage. On sunny days, you can add an umbrella to shield your camera from the sun.

Camera Tripod Umbrella Holder A
1/4 & 5/8" mounting stud
Jaw Opening: 
Load Capacity: