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C-Stand Fixed Base 40''Black 3.3m/10.8' Kit With Detachable Turtle Base Grip & Ar
Product Description

Prime Focus Black Turtle-Based C-Stand For Photography (also known as a Century Stand)  in a black finish, is comprised of a C-stand, 2.5" grip head, and 40" extension arm  is a heavy-duty type of studio lighting stand, widely used by both photographers and movie makers alike. The included extension grip arm fits neatly into the stand's removable 2.5" grip head, allowing you to offset the stand and cantilever flags, gobos, or lights out of the way of the action. The stand has a low center of gravity, which allows mounting of heavy equipment without tipping. The legs are perfectly shaped for saddlebag-type sandbags. The kit is also often used as a short boom. ★What Is A C-Stand For Photography? C-Stands (also known as Century Stands) was originally used in the early days of cinema production, where they were used to hold up large reflectors, that reflected the sunlight to illuminate the movie set before the introduction of artificial lighting. ★Black Finish This Black Turtle-Based C-Stand For Photography features a black finish, designed to absorb stray light,  preventing it from reflecting back onto your subject. Ideal for situations where you need to place your c-stand very close to your subject and need the utmost control of the light ★Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel C-Stand For Photography Made from high-strength Stainless steel, the Prime Focus Black Stainless Steel Century C-Boom stand can take loads of up to 10kg in weight. This makes it great for use with heavier light and modifier combinations.   ★Versatile Accessory Arm And Grip Heads The Prime Focus Black Stainless Steel Century C-Boom comes with a 50-Inch Accessory Boom arm, and 2x 2.5-inch Grip heads. The accessory arm mounts to the c-stand via one of the grip heads, and the other can be used to hold various accessories, such as flags and scrims etc. The Grip arm itself features a standard 5/8-inc stud at either end enabling you to mount lights or other accessories directly to the arm. ★5/8-Inch Baby-Pin Connection The Prime Focus Black Turtle-Based C-Stand For Photography features the industry-standard 5/8-inch baby-pin connector, making it compatible with virtually any light currently on the market. ★Detachable Turtle Base The Prime Focus Black Turtle-Based C-Stand For Photography features a detachable turtle base, making this C-Stand easy to store and transport. The legs feature a standard 1-1/8-inch Junior-Pin Receiver, enabling you to use the legs themselves as a floor stand when used in conjunction with a Junior-Pin to Baby-Pin adapter (available separately). It can also be used as a low stand for large production lights, such as Arri lights. ★Spring-Loaded Dampening System Prime Focus 340cm C-Stand features a spring-loaded dampening system, which absorbs the impact of any sudden drops, should you accidentally release the locking mechanism. ★Packing List: 1 x C stand 1 x Leg base 1 x Extension arm 2 x Grip head

CS-340B Black
Stainless steel
Max height:
Mini height:
Folded length
Tube Dia:
35-30-25 mm
Boom arm length:
Standard 5/8", 1/4" screw at the end of Boom arm
Max load: