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FBL210 Remotely Adjustable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 210cm Light Stand Versatile Boom Arm C Stand W
Product Description

Remote Control Head Have you ever struggled with a less robust boom, trying to get the light in just the right position, only to find that the light still needs to angle down or angle up a few more inches? You have to lower the boom, lower the center column, guess and adjust the light, and raise it up again. And again. What a pain. With the Remote Control Head, you can remotely adjust the positioning of the light head using the wheel on the backend of the boom arm. Turn it clockwise to tilt up; counterclockwise to tilt down. Now you can get the light just right without letting your clients see you sweat. The crank wheel is so cool that we considered calling this “Cranky McRollyBoom”.

Spring-Cushioned Center Column Need a little more height? Raise the center column without fear that the whole column will crash down from the weight. A robust cushioning spring is installed in the center column, protecting you from a sudden drop when you loosen the tightening knob.

It Rolls! Of course, one of the best features of this romote stand is the fact that it rolls easily on large, lockable wheels. Roll your stand into the perfect position, then lock it down by simply pressing the foot brake on one or more wheels.

Portable Need to take your stand on location? Just detach the boom arm, and fold up the legs to make a nice, compact and portable package.

NOTE: We recommend ALWAYS using a counterweight with your boom to ensure safety and stability. This stand includes a custom-fitted sandbag for you to fill with your preferred weighting material (sand, bbs, lead shot, pennies, rocks, pudding, plutonium 238). Let’s be safe out there!

Specification - 3 Risers, 4 Sections - Center Column:35mm, 30mm, 35mm, 30mm - Surface Treatment:Chrome Plated Steel - Loading Weight:10kg - Closed Length:117cm - Minimum Operating Height:117cm - Maximum Height:456cm

(For Boom Arm) - Mnimum Length:143cm, Loading Weight: 30kg - Maximum Length:246m, Loading Weigh: 10kg

Kit includes:
(1) Boom Stand with Casters
(1) Sand Bag

Remotely Boom Stand with Casters FBL210
Stainless Steel
Stand max length:
Folded length:
Boom bar length:
Stand Height:
Stand dia:
Boom bar dia:
Load capacity:
10-30 kg