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Studio LCD Monitor Support Kit
Product Description

Focus has put together this Focus Studio LCD Monitor Support Kit to give image makers all they need to display video or tethered photo work on site. The kit includes a 10.75' C-stand with removable turtle base capable of supporting up to 22 lb. A monitor mount adapter with double ball joints, a ratcheting handle, and both 75 and 100mm VESA taps are included for flexible support of the monitor. A 15 lb saddlebag-style sandbag is provided to stabilize the setup.

Focus Turtle Base C-Stand - 10.75' (Chrome) This Focus Turtle Base C Stand features a detachable base with twist and release locking legs that are easily removed to facilitate transportation or to replace the riser with an alternate size. A light head can be mounted to the base directly with the aid of a stand adapter. The base allows individual legs to be set at any angle, and can be positioned in locations not possible with standard designed stands.

Fold Away Legs and Removable Base
This stand features twist and release locking legs with unique mounts which are easy to fold or replace.
The base detaches from the riser for easy packing.
Quick Setup
This stand sets up easily in a matter of seconds.
Durable Finish
This stand is suitable for all weather conditions.
Focus Monitor Mount Adapter Able to support large panels weighing up to 14 lb, the Monitor Mount Adapter from Focus was designed for maximum flexibility in adjustment. The adapter is ideal for use in conventions, displays, public spaces, or for production teams viewing raw footage. The adapter's 4.7" plate has standard 75 and 100mm taps for firm, safe, and secure mounting. Both the mounting plate and a 5/8" receiver are attached to opposite ends of a double ball joint to allow them to move freely in any direction. The receiver is compatible with industry-standard light stands or other accessories with a 5/8" stud or pin. Yet another handy feature is a repositionable ratcheting handle that allows the adapter to be securely and completely locked down, even in tight spaces.

Supports Monitors up to 14 lb
Ideal for use in conventions, displays, public places, and with production teams, the adapter will support large panels weighing up to 14 lb.
Ball Joints and Ratcheting Handle
The ball joints are designed to offer maximum choices for accurate positioning, while the ratcheting handle allows adjustment in tight places for secure lockdown.
Standard VESA Compatibility The Monitor Mount Adapter has 75 and 100mm (3 and 4") VESA taps for firm, safe attachment to the monitor.
5/8" Receiver for Light Stands and Other Accessories
Attached to the ball joints for flexible positioning, the 5/8" industry-standard receiver will fit most stands or accessories with a 5/8" stud or pin.
Focus Filled Saddle Sandbag (15 lb, Yellow / Black)
Made of thick, weather- and water-resistant Cordura nylon, the 15 lb Filled Yellow Black Saddle Sandbag is a staple in studios or on location for stabilizing light stands, booms, tripods, and backgrounds. The bag has rugged and durable assembly throughout. It features a double-zipper design for safe containment and removal of the sand, as well as a webbed handle for hanging or moving.
The two-winged saddle sandbag is designed to conform to studio equipment such as light stands, tripods, backgrounds, or any other equipment that needs support and stabilization

Studio LCD Monitor Support Kit
Stainless steel + Aluminum
Max height:
Mini height:
Folded length
Tube Dia:
35-30-25 mm
Max load: