Focus M X Light Cone Photo Light Flash Diffuser 360 Diffusion for Shooting Reflective Objects Produc
Product Description

Instantly diminish distracting highlights at the drop of a cone. The Focus X Light Cone provides 360-degree light modification to make life easier for product photographers. Anything reflective and shiny is now quick and simple to photograph and flattering to the eye. The Light Cone provides highly effective diffusion for reflective products, making previously difficult objects now effortless to photograph. Instantly Removes Reflections - Taking photos of jewelry, watches, electronics, & other reflective items will be a breeze with Focus X Light Cone, it offers 360-degree light modification to remove harsh glare from shiny products.
Unique Shape to Stand Alone - Swap a traditional photo light box with our Light Cone! Our freestanding alternative to a lightbox is easy to place over objects—no stand or holder needed.
Easy Setup & Storage - The Light Cone acts as a portable photo booth that's collapsible to let you easily store it. Its snap buttons allow quick assembly.
Available in Various Sizes - Choose from any of our 3 sizes to suit your needs: Medium, Large, & Phone.
Also comes as a kit, so you can photograph everything from small to larger items.
Ideal for Pro & Amateur Photographers - Whether you're a novice or a seasoned product photographer, get it to a product photography light box to complete your lighting & studio equipment.

360 Diffusion
Removes reflections
Perfect gradation lighting
Fully collapsible design
Easy snap buttons
Heat resistant
Proprietary diffusion material

Focus X Light Cone M
12 inches // 30cm
Top diameter hole:
5 inches // 12.7cm
Base diameter: 
13 inches // 33cm
5oz. // 141g