Focus Phone X Light Cone Photo Light Flash Diffuser 360 Diffusion for Shooting Reflective Objects Pr
Product Description

The cone is a great light modifier for photographing small products and especially specular ones against clean backdrops, especially useful for e-commerce type of shoots.

★Instantly Removes Reflections - Taking photos of jewelry, watches, electronics, & other reflective items will be a breeze with The Light Cone! Designed by Karl Taylor, it offers 360-degree light modification to remove harsh glare from shiny products.
Unique Shape to Stand Alone - Swap a traditional photo light box with our Light Cone! Our freestanding alternative to a lightbox is easy to place over objects—no stand or holder needed.
Easy Setup & Storage - The Light Cone acts as a portable photo booth that's collapsible to let you easily store it. Its snap buttons allow quick assembly.
Available in Various Sizes - Choose from any of our 3 sizes to suit your needs: Medium, Large, & Phone.
Also comes as a kit, so you can photograph everything from small to larger items.
Ideal for Pro & Amateur Photographers - Whether you're a novice or a seasoned product photographer, get this product photography light box to complete your lighting & studio equipment.

360 Diffusion
Removes reflections
Perfect gradation lighting
Fully collapsible design
Easy snap buttons
Heat resistant
Proprietary diffusion material
For us with phone camera

Focus X Light Cone Phone
12 inches // 30cm
Top diameter hole:
1.5 inches // 3.8cm
Base diameter: 
14 inches // 35.5cm
5oz. // 141g