RE207C 60*90cm Portable Frame Scrim Flag Kit Complete Studio Flag and Diffusion Set with Collapsible
Product Description

The 24 x 36" Scrim Flag Kit from Focus is a comprehensive set of light-shaping tools to contour and control the light falling on your subject. The kit includes five foldable frames and five fabrics. The frames are open-ended to thwart distracting shadows.

The kit also provides 1- and 2-stop silk screens for subtle diffusion, and 1- and 2-stop black nets to reduce light intensity and add a slight bit of contrast. Godox additionally provides a solid black fabric to be used to block or "flag off" unwanted light from the shot. Ideal for tabletop work or small objects, the kit also contains a 6" diameter solid black and a black net dot, as well as a 4 x 14" solid black and a black net finger. It all fits in a cleverly designed carry case that reveals the screen's color code for easy selection. Master the subtle nuances of your photo artwork with the 24 x 36" Focus Portable Frame Scrim Kit. The kit contains five 24 x36" color fabric scrims with color-coded borders, five steel open-ended folding flag frames, two 6" dots, and two 14 x 4" fingers all packed up into a compartmentalized carry bag. You can use the scrims for casting, blocking, diffusing, or dimming of light to get that ideal tone on your subjects and then attach dots and fingers for giving that tone a fine, localized shade. While the scrimshave sleeves for attaching to the frames, the frames, dots, and fingers have 3/8" mounting pins to standard stands and grip heads.

Portability The Focus Portable Frame Scrim Flag Kit fits in a 44 x 11 x 3" carry case, about 75% more space-efficient than separate components.
Construction Constructed from durable steel, these three-sided collapsible frames have two arms that fold out from the center bar and lock into place. In combination with the easily interchangeable fabric covers, these flag frames can be easily mounted onto any standard grip head. The collapsible frame allows for easy transport and storage.
Versatile Each type of fabric scrim or screen blocks or diminishes light to a different degree. Having a variety of options at hand means you can fine-tune lighting easily in any situation or environment.
Block Light, Diffuse Light, Reduce Light Intensity Color-coded for easy identification, each element of the kit blocks the light completely, softens it, or reduces it to a calibrated degree.
Dots and Fingers Dots and fingers allow you to shape light on smaller objects or areas. They're ideal for tabletop shooting or in situations where larger fabrics are inconvenient.
Easy Storage The removable fabric screens and scrims fold up for safe storage and travel inside the carry bag.
Carry Bag The carry bag for the scrim kit protects your flags, frames, and scrims, and keeps everything organized and gathered together in one handy lightweight bag.
Mounting Pin Sizes Frame: 3/8" / 9.5mm Dots and fingers: 0.2 to 0.3" / 5.1 to 7.6mm

Five 24 x 36" frames and scrims Require optional grip heads and stands Five steel folding frames Scrims have color-coded borders Black light blocker with black border Black double net with a red border Black single net with a green border 2-stop silk scrim with a yellow border 1-stop silk scrim with a gray border Two 6" dots: one single-net and one black blocker Two 14 x 4" fingers: one single-net and one black blocker Attachment rods and studs are compatible with 3/8" hand grips and stands Carry bag has two handles, touch fasteners, and multiple compartments
Portable Frame Scrim Flag Kit RE207C 60*90cm /24"X36"
Aluminum  / Poly-silk and canvas weave
Size available:
45*60cm /18"X24", 60*90cm /24"X36"
Carrying case
Optional parts:
C stand holder, C stand, Roller stand, Sand bag