SB1020 120cm Profond Quick Open Hexadecago Installation Deep Parabolic Umbrella Softbox Reflective F
Product Description

The Profond Quick-Open Deep Hexadecago Softbox is one of the most exquisitely designed light modifiers to hit the photo-verse.
Discover a perfectly softened source of luminance that gracefully meets your subject after traveling through the Glow Profond physicand radiates through the opulent boule. From the most prominent 70" to the smallest 27" model, these superbly efficient light modifiers from Glow, utilize the impressive Quick-Open system for rapid setup, painless disassembly, and convenient storage. Gone are the days of injured digits attempting to pull up on the rods to secure into lock position or to release the rod spokes for deployment. The reverse process of closure is quick and straightforward.

The operation of the parabolic rib spokes is genuinely the quickest and smoothest opening and closing mechanism in the genre
Once constructed, the gracefully curved interior creates a perfect silvered reflector for a rear-mounted flash head
The striking yellow/orange accented against black exterior design exhibits a vibrant and confident appearance
The structure is stable and firm. The whole modifier says 'quality' and promises'delicious' results.
Quick-Open locks are exceptionally comfortable to use
Steel rods sleeves, lock levers, and fabrics protect and buffer pressure points from sharp or metallic surface discomforts to fingertips
Quick-Open System Allows for Simple Setup and Storage
Interchangeable Speedring system - Bowens mount included
Masterful control of light efficiency with flexible solutions
Variable range from even and soft to power and snappy

★Please note:

Grid is sold separately.

Focusing Rod System is sold separately.

Focus Profond Quick Open Deep Parabolic Softbox SB1020  120cm 
Reinforced Fabric, Steel Rods, Aluminum Ring
Mount type:
Interchangeable Bowens speedring
Sections / Rods:
Diameter Open:
70cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm available
Depth Open:
It is available, sold separately