MA-06 5KG Weight bear magic grip VS Manfrotto 244N Variable Friction Magic Arm
Product Description

This Magic Arm with hand screw, which is ideal for for mounting a photographic or video camera exactly at the angle you need it. 

It is a fully articulated arm with 90° pivotable and 360° rotatable ends, and an elbow that rotates 360°. The knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise positioning of a light head or camera. It has 5/8" studs on ball joints at both ends with 3/8 and 1/4" female threads. Although it is supplied with a camera platform, it requires a Super Clamp or Base (available separately) for use. 

Variable friction control for accurate adjustment.
Features a hand screw
Easy to mount and use
Durable and lightweight construction
Fits any 5/8" female socket
Great flexibility for camera positioning.
Locks quickly and securely.

Camera bracket allows easy attachment of equipment.

Adapter: 16 mm with 1/4" female thread and 16 mm with 3/8" female thread

Max. load bearing capacity: 3.0 kg
Weight: 1.09 kgNote:Camera Bracket and Super Clamp not included

Variable Friction Arm MA-06
Aluminum alloy and Stainless steel
Maximum length:
Folded Length:
Arm diameter:
Load capacity: